Thursday, January 8, 2015

Me and Thee --

I think that I shall never see
Anything as lovely as me and thee

From our jutting bones to our fat shrouded hips
Our too narrow or chapped or bee stung lips

Our firm round flesh, our sagging jowls
Our sports ability or karaoke howls

Our hair that shines, that frizzes or curls, that hangs lank and colorless or tumbles and whirls
That used to be there or that wafts like thistles
To our body’s odd pops and ratchets, our booms and whistles

Green eyes, blue eyes, brown and black
Fat on the front or fat on the back

Short or tall, wide and narrow
Sturdy bones or those of a sparrow

The newborn, the aged and all in between

The most glorious artwork I've ever seen.