Monday, October 25, 2010

Whale Songs

It is official; I have been ruined by movies... kids’ movies in particular.

Laying in the bed, flipping through channels, trying to find something soothing to listen to while I doze off, find a documentary about hump back whales. While an extremely erudite sounding announcer speaks eloquently about these majestic animals a sound track of their songs plays softly in the background. The images are stunning, the voice soothing, the information fascinating I am sure, but I can't concentrate on any of that. My eyes are screwed shut, my teeth clenched to prevent unwanted jaw flapping, my fist are clenched and I am thinking I will not say it I will not say it I will not say it.

Out of the dark comes my husband's voice doing a spot on imitation of Ellen DeGeneres doing Dory from Finding Nemo... "I speak whale".

Alas, he too, is ruined. :)