Sunday, October 24, 2010

Women Are Wierd (I can say that, I am one)

We had a get together at our house tonight. A family dinner for my dear sister's birthday. The prep was enjoyable, the food was great (working on modesty, not quite there yet), the company was entertaining and the kids all behaved.

I took a few pictures, not as many as I would have liked because I forgot I had the camera, and put them up on a social networking site to share with the ones I love. This is when the women are wierd part comes in.

If I look at a picture of myself, I see the gray hair, the double chin, the huge bazooms. When I look at my sister, who also has grey hair, double chin and huge bazooms, I see her perfect smile, shining eyes, sense of humor and grace.

Her daughter let me know that the picture I took of her at her mother's fete was, and I quote, Bleechk!!! I went back to the site, pulled up the picture and thought okay, my niece is nuts. She also has a huge smile, gorgeous dark hair, dimples for god's sake, a waist you can see and be envious of, Eyelashes!! I haven't got any damn eye lashes!!. &%*$#, who does she think she is? If she thinks she is Bleechk!!! then what the hell are the rest of us? Eh? Eh? Double, no triple Bleechk!!! at least. Maybe quadruple after eating two slices of cheescake, which, now that I think about it she brought with her. Did she do that just to make us Bleechk!!!-ier? I have the will power of a slug...... tomorrow, diet, exercise, hair dye, vitamins, facial.... tonight, where did that last piece of cheese cake go?????

See?? Women are wierd. I admit it.  I OWN it.