Sunday, February 23, 2014

Because when you are proud of a kid...

I am going to do something utterly and completely grandmother-ish. 

How many times have we all posted something we regret? Even I, a stellar human being of high morals and character (those of you that know me, please put your fingers in your ears and quit making gagging noises) and exemplary behavior have, on a rare occasion, posted something that I  wish I had not. 

For me it is grammatical errors or perhaps a misspelled word slides by, quietly into the mystical land where nothing ever dies, forever haunting me, taunting me. HOWEVER; I know that many of you have posted worse, much worse.... really much much much worse. Backpeddle is the app for you then:

Because some images you can't take back

Oh yes, the star, the absolute Oscar worthy actor in this little youTube commercial is my grandson.