Sunday, July 8, 2012

You shouldn't be ashamed to say how someone you loved this much died...

One of the reasons I stepped up my writing these last few years is to relive the moments, bittersweet all, spent with my son who committed suicide on August 5th, 2008. His father, having also died by his own hand in 1994, left a deep and terrible void in all of our lives. Both fought the good fight, but in the end mental illness and fatigue won out. While these tragedies scarred my family for life we are far from alone. Tens of thousands of men, women and children across the United States take their own lives each year leaving devastated families and friends behind asking why. The Out of the Darkness walks are a small step in the direction of clarity, bringing together broken hearts trying to mend (albeit with missing pieces always) and people wanting to help end this horriffic scourge. My friends and family are participating in a walk here, in Atlanta, in November. Please, join us or support us if you can by clicking on the link I shared below. 

                                       In loving memory of my little buddy and baby boy.
                                                Henry Roger Gramme 1986-2008

If you want to know how my family and I are coping with these tragedies or better understand what survivors of this heartbreaking experience are dealing with you can learn about my book here. This is certainly no how to manual or gut wrenching expose. It is instead the tale of a family that holds on tightly to each other throughout this bumpy jouney we call life. Click here==>   'Road Trip: Anecdotes and Essays of a Life Well Traveled' to purchase. I am donating ALL monies per book sold from July 15th - November 1th-- Help me make the largest donation possible!