Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So this is what they think about the author ...

I have a book coming out in a few weeks (Road Trip). Since the majority of the book is autobiographical I wanted to do something differant with the 'About the Author' section. I asked friends and family to send me a sentence, any sentence they wanted for this section. Here are the end results! Feel free to send your own, but make it snappy! Times a' wastin'!

Whether in Europe or the states I always looked forward to lying awake & listening to my cousin Jean tell stories – Julie Sorbet, Nevada
(Authors note -- The only cousin I ever made cry… I still feel guilty about that. Go Donny Osmond!)

10 years ago, was mistaken for her 32 year old niece, by her niece's husband. David Etter, Michigan
 (Author's note -- David is my new best friend!)

My Aunt Jean is wise, comical, tough as nails,the first to laugh at herself and the last to laugh at someone else. An indomitable spirit to be sure!-- Teri Smith Kupchunos, Georgia
(Authors note -- Paid for (with cookies and chicken wings) by the committee to promote this book!)

My sister Jean is witty, loving, smart, practical, creative, quirky and a really good cook. The ‘Cookie Queen’.—Mary Sorbet, Georgia
(Authors note – Mary is living with my husband and I now, so take this with a grain of salt, a half pound of butter, a cup of sugar, a cup of flour and two eggs, lightly beaten!)

A book written by my aunt who quit Belgium for USA after I was born, I hope there is no link – Vincent Vanpee, Belgium
(Authors note—Those rosy, cherubic cheeks were a definite sign of trouble to come…)

(Authors note – He is rather obviously vying for the role of enforcer just in case I ever need one. I hope he doesn’t think it would be a paying gig…)

A book bringing back fun memories of early childhood when family visited. – Dale DeMarcy Touchet, Louisiana
(Authors note – Dale must be one of the few cousins I didn’t irritate by talking to invisible friends and trying to hog all the crawfish)

Written by a dear friend who really knows how to brighten your day. This is a must..—Susan Rannestad Frantzen, Norway
(Authors note—She loves me because she sees me once every 30 years and lives far, far away! Evidently I am pretty cool in small doses.)